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Looking for a mortgage to buy property overseas?

What can you do on this site and by contacting Daniel?

* Understand your overseas borrowing capability, and get a clear indication of what an overseas lender may be able to do for you
* Source the finance you require to buy a new property you have found overseas
* Refinance an existing property for a better deal or to release funds you may need for other purposes
* Learn more and understand more about the overseas finance and property markets
* Obtain a quick understanding of mortgage rates, terms and conditions from various overseas countries

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Please be aware the mortgage for you ultimately depends entirely on your specific situation and the lending policies of each available lender in the country of your choice.

Lending policies differ between lenders, and very much so, between countries.

Lending policies also vary over time, and are constantly being tweaked by banks, especially in the current financial environment around the world.

Often what takes place in your home country with respect to the mortgage process and what you believe is a reasonable financial position to qualify for a loan, may be subtly or even entirely different in a foreign country.

Interest rates and terms and fees can be quite different in a foreign country.

You must be prepared for conditions you might not expect, and rates and fees that apply to foreign applicants that are simply not related or consistent with what you have previously seen or heard at home.

In reality, no two loan applications are alike!

Fees and charges do apply.

Please note that fees and charges will apply for mortgage advice, sourcing and arrangement, in addition and separate to all lender fees. These fees could be a fixed amount, a percentage of your desired loan amount, or a mixture of both. These fees will also exclude your own legal advice to look over the loan contract and provide legal assistance.

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